For the past 20 years, our laboratory teams in Switzerland have been developing innovative biotechnological processes that can decrypt the secrets of Mother Nature so that we can put these to good use.

timeblock® – Breakthrough Science-Based Findings

Director of studies: Prof. Alexander Haslberger, University of Vienna, Department of Nutritional sciences

timeblock® has conducted the world’s first clinical research trial proven to maintain biological age. The study analyzed timeblock®’s effects on major aging markers such as DNA damage, inflammation, telomere length and cell energy in 110 participants at the University of Vienna –the results were groundbreaking.
Amongst the participants, there was a 17% increase in beauty related factors within 6 months of the trial.
“That’s an astonishing reduction in biological age that we’d never been able to document”, says Dr. Alexander Haslberger.

timeblock® products are pioneering a new era of better-aging and finally tapping into nature’s “Fountain of Youth”.