Biotechnology involves the research into enzymes, cells and entire organisms in technological applications – combining and using knowledge from the fields of microbiology, biochemistry (chemistry), molecular biology, genetics and bioinformatics.

This enables us to learn about the aging process – the findings of which play an essential role in the development of ingredients used in science based skin care.

Basically, science based skin care are products that, instead of temporarily hiding skin problems or improving the texture of the skin, have a long-term, counteractive effect.

The success of science based skin care primarily relies on the findings and expert science knowledge gained from bio- logical research – the ‘springboard’ for the timeblock® skin care concept.


​Live Longer, Better

Based on research results in the fields of biogerontology, epigenetics and naturopathy, the term Blue Zones is also used for areas whose native flora grows under special conditions and can effectively counteract the aging process. Such mostly high-altitude areas are located in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.

Switzerland derived, the BLUEZONES® RESEARCH Group in cooperation with the Dr. Alexander Haslberger of the University of Vienna focuses on secondary plant substances from such areas, which could have a use in the area of better aging

In 1998, the Swiss group dealt with the eating habits of the population of Yuzurihara, where the inhabitants grew very old with the best quality of life. Longevity regions are also being studied in Asia and South America. Another research group of the University of California in collaboration with the University of Rome La Sapienza is investigating temporal BLUEZONES® in Italy outside Sardinia.


Vesisorb® Colloids

timeblock® skin care implements Vesisorb® Colloids, the most advanced Swiss Transfer-Technology System, as another proven method that sets us aside from the rest – effective absorption of bioavailable nutrients, proteins and active ingredients deep into the skin.

Vesisorb® is a patented aqueous bio-enhanced colloidal delivery systems developed in Switzerland, composed of a lipid core and a hydrophilic shell to improve the efficacy of trans-dermal applied ingredients. The Vesisorb® systems guarantees optimal absorption of the active-ingredients in timeblock® and penetrates the skin much faster. The anti-aging ingredients in timeblock® get delivered exactly where they are needed to provide rapid results.